Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greatness- Radiohead

Lets hear it for Radiohead! One of my favorite bands. How I wish to see them live someday!!!!! Here is a few videos as my dedication in no particular order or rank .....

oh and I added a solo Thom yorke Video at the end cause its rad.

Radiohead- House of Cards
Radiohead- Creep
Radiohead- Street spirit
Radiohead- Scotch Mist
Radiohead 2+2=5
Radiohead- Creep Live 94'
Radiohead- Jigsaw falling in to place
Radiohead- Karma Police

Radiohead Reckoner

Radiohead- No surprises
Radiohead- high and dry
Radiohead-Paranoid Android
Radiohead-Glastonbury 2003
Radiohead- idioteque
Thom yorke- Black Swan

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