Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Embrace. Fleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues

A heads up or warning if you will to the grammar or spelling, for this is free flowing thought where I normally would put great consideration and overview into things I write. However like I said this is spur of the moment free flowing go with it writing that I feel needs to be left in its form, (unless I decide to publish it someday, giggle).

Its really cute (as in silly/ridiculous) when people think that they have me all figured out. For example I mean  just cause I like something or behave a goofy way suddenly I am categorized in a group or type of person. I am writing this because I have never felt the need to justify, categorize, or define who I am. This is how I feel towards other people too.
When someone comes in to my life I like to know the dynamic person, and see and understand what inspires them, what puts them in awe with the world they are surrounded by knowing that it is not always concrete or clear,  but something that inspires their being.  My only hope is that people in my life grasp my many passions not in a way to define me, but in a way that offers an insight to why I am excited to seek, embrace, and connect a deeper meaning always. People that I can share this broad understanding with are people I cherish and leave a lasting impression on me.
That being said I feel like I am a very intuitive person in many aspects in my life. One of them being that I always feel a certain level of connection with people that enter my life at what seems to be a diverse or most random of moments. I most certainly embrace this. For the simple yet so complex idea that there is a reason intertwined in the fabric of ones life to why one might enter someones life. Its interesting because though I find that there is some kind of meaning for timing with people that enter ones life there is a certain strength and bond that is stronger in some people that cross ones paths with then in others. For instance there are people that I have met that I see and would say hello to but nothing else draws us back together. Then there are the people I meet and keep reappearing  in the oddest yet synchronized and/or sequential way. Meaning that I have had several occasions and times in my life where I will do, say, or think something only to have it come up or hear it from someone very soon after the fact. That someone being a person that I instinctively have felt a strong bond with beyond being able to explain. Or another example of this would be that on occasion I have thought or seen something that reminds me of a certain person that I feel a strong unexplainable bond with and I will get a call from them or run in to them very soon after. I don't claim to have answers to why this is, but I know for me in my life I see this as a deeper meaning  to why some are more strongly intertwined in my fabric of life and some are not. There are definitely a  few people that I share that instinctively strong synchronized sequential bond with. These few in a variety of similar and different ways are close to my heart, they are a level of a sole mate to me and are angels in their own right, and in every sense of the word.

Now I could go on and on about this, for it is one of the many things I am most inspired and intrigued by in so many ways. I love to read and hear peoples views on this, I am in awe of a few authors ideas on this. I embrace My humanity, I live in many aspects spontaneously with great care, and with a strong core and belief in certain arenas of my life. I resist the ugly  pressures of the changing world. Everyday I learn a little more about the many things i adore in my life and that in itself is a great feeling for ones spirit and the spirits it surrounds.

Now a few songs I heard tonight and so perfect

Fleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues

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