Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embrace of Strength. The Smiths- How Soon Is Now?

Wow today is the best day ever.
The beginning of the rest of my life.
An unexplainable feeling rushes through my veins.
Could it be that I got to spend a lot of my day working on a art instillation piece I am making? Could I be that I got to work on my art while blasting music? Well the answer is yes and yes.
But I think the main reason is that I am reaching a place in my life of true self discovery. My mind feels clear and I can look within my self intuitively and spiritually for the answers to what is important. Every day I am learning. I feel no need to be part of a group that tells me how to be, or mass popular cultural mind washing. One thing I know for sure is the way I feel, the more I can be at peace with myself, and always self discovery the better person I can be to others.
I am at peace with myself.
So a song from the year of my birth started playing at random today so I feel it is fitting to post. Besides, The Smiths are one of my favorites.

The Smiths- How soon is Now?

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